LONG-TERM CARE: Reducing Turnover

Introduction: Project Scope

The following summaries of Ingelix Case Studies, performed in 2015, provide turnover, retention and hiring data within companies using the patent-pending Ingelix SmartSystem methodology. The following results represent each group analyzed and how the Ingelix SmartSystem affected overall corporate staffing trends within key facilities.

Understanding the Savings: The American Health Care Association (AHCA) states that the average direct cost for turnover per employee is $7,000. The following represents significant savings per employer based on the reductions realized.

The following were selected for study:

  • • Ohio based long-term care company with 19 facilities. (AlterCare, Inc.)
  • • One random Ohio based long-term care company.
  • • Ohio based acute-care hospital that houses a long-term care facility. (Alliance Community)
  • • Florida based healthcare company to identify trends that may be unique only to Ohio. (Infinity)
  • • Ohio based long-term health care support company that sells product and services to long-term care groups statewide. (Absolute HealthCare) 



For over 40 years, Altercare has specialized in providing quality short-term rehabilitation, long-term nursing care and residential services.  Altercare has 19 locations throughout Ohio and Michigan with over 2,500 employees.  

Altercare provides short-term rehabilitation therapies, longer term skilled nursing, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and full-time assisted living.  Although a previous assessment line was being utilized, turnover was not being satisfactorily impacted.  Ingelix was called upon to analyze and map every position within the organization in the Ingelix SmartSystem.  Corporate policy stipulates applicants must be interviewed from the highest performing individual on the Ingelix dashboard working down. As a result the following was realized.

  • • In year one there was a 7.55% reduction in overall corporate turnover with the 2nd year trending another 4% reduction.
  • • 4 key facilities showed an average reduction of turnover of 31.25% within the first year.

As a result of the Ingelix involvement the following have been established.

  • • Focusing on turnover utilizing real-time Ingelix SmartSystem analysis.
  • • Isolating turnover problems in key facilities and replicating these results company wide.
  • • More awareness of identifying problem areas of turnover.
  • • More comprehensive and readily accessible business intelligence regarding turnover. 



Infinity HomeCare professionals serve approximately 15,000 patients and are one of the largest home health providers in Florida.  Headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Infinity HomeCare has 14 branches and serves 40 counties with approximately 700 nurses, therapists, medical social workers, speech pathologists, assistants and aides.

To address ongoing concerns about turnover, the Ingelix product line was used to analyze job applicants.  After using the Ingelix product line to identify top performers the following was realized.

  • • Turnover dropped 20% within the first year of use with trending projected to remain at an overall reduction of 20% year-after-year.
  • • Hiring professionals at Infinity HomeCare reported the product as a “terrific gauge of key care giver attributes” helping them identify and retain top-performing employees.



Alliance Community Hospital, a non-profit hospital that was founded in 1901, is licensed for 204 beds including 68 nursing home/transitional care beds that are found in their attached, long-term care facility, Community Care Center. ACH is fully-accredited by The Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP) and offers a quality medical staff of more than 150 active and covering physicians. 

Prior to contracting with Ingelix, Alliance Community Hospital did not utilize a systematic pre-employment analysis approach.  After implementing the Ingelix SmartSystem the following was realized.

  • • Emergency Room and Nutritional Services continue to be a concern; however, after isolating those two, the majority of the organization saw an 8.8% reduction of the remaining positions.
  • • Medical records saw a 66.7% reduction from 2013 to 2014
  • • Imaging and Laboratory positions saw a 25% decrease in overall turnover
  • • Nurses and Orderlies saw a 25% decrease in overall turnover
  • • As a result of the Ingelix involvement the following have been established.
  • • All interviewing and eventual hiring is dictated by Ingelix SmartSystem Analysis.
  • • Isolating turnover problems in key facilities and replicating these results company wide.



With 35 years of in-depth experience, Absolute Health Services, Inc. provides a wide range of essential services for the long-term care industry including pharmaceutical, rehabilitation, hospice, and home health services.  In addition, Absolute Health Services has a training program for State Tested Nursing Assistants (STNA).  

Ingelix was contracted to identify top candidates for their organization with the objective to immediately reduce turnover alongside turnover reductions to trend year after year.  Every position was mapped to the Ingelix SmartSystem so that top-performers could easily be identified prior to hire. After implementing the Ingelix SmartSystem the following was realized.

  • • 3.33% reduction in company-wide turnover within the first year at the Absolute Pharmacy Division.
  • • Increased ability to focus on turnover by using the Ingelix SmartSystem. 
  • • The ability to isolate key positions in addressing turnover trends.
  • • More comprehensive and readily accessible business intelligence regarding turnover.

A randomly selected large Long-Term HealthCare organization in Ohio

For one large long-term healthcare organization in the Ohio, the turnover problem was most evident in maintaining an adequate flow of high-quality candidates coupled with increasing turnover rates for specific positions such as Dietary Aide. After the introduction of the Ingelix SmartSystem Analysis the following was realized:

  • • A 3% reduction in turnover for the position of Dietary Aide.
  • • Largest turnover category was identified as Director of Nursing, which was having an immediate adverse impact on overall corporate turnover by facility.
  • • Prior to implementation, Aides and Dietary Aides were the positions with the highest turnover.  However, after the implementation of the SmartSystem, these positions are seeing a reduction in turnover.
  • • Customized interview questions were developed unique to the results of the analysis.
  • • A streamlined hiring practice was implemented to quickly identify top-performing candidates such as dietary aides and other specific key positions like Director of Nursing.


The Ingelix SmartSystem solution effortlessly captures important employee data. The data is collected through multiple streams. The Ingelix solution can be accessed from anywhere at anytime creating an on-the-go platform for a busy professional. 


The Ingelix solution filters, sorts, and calculates employee data so that you don’t have to. Our powerful algorithms simultaneously process multiple variables in the background. But you see a powerful Dashboard that displays employee data in a simple and straightforward fashion. You can quickly and effectively identify top performers.


Your day is filled with enough information already. The Ingelix solution provides you a visual snapshot or an in-depth report so that you can decide how much information you need to see.  Our robust reports provide useful information and give suggestions about how our analysis can be applied to your situation.


The biggest difference between Ingelix and the other solutions available is our system recognizes trends within your organization. We change as you change.  Now, when you make a decision, you can do so with confidence knowing that you have an understanding of your present organization.

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