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  • LONG-TERM CARE: Reducing Turnover

    The following summaries of Ingelix Case Studies, performed in 2015, provide turnover, retention and hiring data within companies using the patent-pending Ingelix SmartSystem methodology. The following results represent each group analyzed and how the Ingelix SmartSystem affected overall corporate staffing trends within key facilities.

    4 facilities experienced 31.25% ave. reduced turnover in 1st year.

    Understanding the Savings: The American Health Care Association (AHCA) states that the average direct cost for turnover per employee is $7,000. The following represents significant savings per employer based on the reductions

  • RETAIL GROCERY STORE CHAIN: Identify Top Employees

    A large U.S. grocery store chain wanted to develop a solution to help them select top performing employees. The store’s management identified four behavioral characteristics as critical for the success of all store personnel. These behavioral traits were: helping disposition, reliability, rules compliance and dependability with respect to punctuality and attendance. 

    Reductions in turnover saved the grocery chain $750,000.

    Based on the clients' requirements, a solution was developed to identify successful top performing employees for

  • BANKING: Online Pre-hire Solution Savings

    One of the largest banks in the U.S. wanted a solution to implement online pre-hire selection solutions to evaluate applicants for the teller position as part of their automated hiring process. On an annual basis the bank administrators evaluate over 100,000 individuals. 

    The number of "unsatisfactory" employees reduced by 60% saving the client approximately $4 Million. Plus, recruiters’ interview burden reduction saved in excess of $400,000 per year. 

    The client’s decision to replace their current staffing vendor was motivated by a lack of confidence in their test and its ability to identify high performers, the time needed for testing, and the overall cost. Ingelix SmartSystem was brought

  • HEALTHCARE: H.R. Hiring Home Run

    One of the main issues facing the healthcare industry, especially in the long-term care industry, is employee turnover. For one large healthcare organization in Ohio, this problem was most evident maintaining an adequate flow of high-quality candidates coupled with increasing turnover rates for several key positions: Dietary Aides, State Tested Nursing Assistant, and Registered Nurses.

    Streamlined the hiring process reducing costs associated with hiring and retention. Addressed the immediate hiring needs and increased the pool for hard-to-fill positions and facilities.

    Inconsistent, time-consuming and costly hiring practices resulted in procedures that were resource intensive with very little added benefits to hiring or retention. Ingelix SmartSystem was brought in to streamline the


The Ingelix SmartSystem solution effortlessly captures important employee data. The data is collected through multiple streams. The Ingelix solution can be accessed from anywhere at anytime creating an on-the-go platform for a busy professional. 


The Ingelix solution filters, sorts, and calculates employee data so that you don’t have to. Our powerful algorithms simultaneously process multiple variables in the background. But you see a powerful Dashboard that displays employee data in a simple and straightforward fashion. You can quickly and effectively identify top performers.


Your day is filled with enough information already. The Ingelix solution provides you a visual snapshot or an in-depth report so that you can decide how much information you need to see.  Our robust reports provide useful information and give suggestions about how our analysis can be applied to your situation.


The biggest difference between Ingelix and the other solutions available is our system recognizes trends within your organization. We change as you change.  Now, when you make a decision, you can do so with confidence knowing that you have an understanding of your present organization.

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