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Focus On Your Industry

We understand that industry's environment is unique and offers varying opportunities and challenges when it comes to people. We have identified a proprietary method that determines what makes an individual successful within each specific space. 

Calibrates For Your Environment

Every organization is comprised of a different mix of people. This blend of people and their personalities creates an organizational culture that is unlike any other. 

Captures and Adapts to Trends for Growth

As the people in your organization come and go, it impacts your overall performance. Ingelix helps you bring in the right people while factoring in employee changes, so that you can make a decision while knowing the future landscape of your workforce.

The Ingelix SmartSystem uses data driven workforce analytics to take the guesswork out of hiring staff.  Our system will help you and your hiring managers make informed decisions.  We cut through the stack of resumes and make the best candidates rise to the top, so you can focus your energies on more important hiring tasks.  Our system will even provide behaviorally based interview questions to probe areas of potential concern to help hiring managers see through the glitz of the resume.  



  • REPORT +

  • ADAPT +

The Ingelix SmartSystem collects data on all of your candidates, assesses them, analyzes your needs and reports the results to you in an easy to understand format.  The system then will adapt to your environment and improve its process in real time, giving you the HR information you need, when you need it: often before you even know you need it.


The Ingelix SmartSystem solution effortlessly captures important employee data. The data is collected through multiple streams. The Ingelix solution can be accessed from anywhere at anytime creating an on-the-go platform for a busy professional. 


The Ingelix solution filters, sorts, and calculates employee data so that you don’t have to. Our powerful algorithms simultaneously process multiple variables in the background. But you see a powerful Dashboard that displays employee data in a simple and straightforward fashion. You can quickly and effectively identify top performers.


Your day is filled with enough information already. The Ingelix solution provides you a visual snapshot or an in-depth report so that you can decide how much information you need to see.  Our robust reports provide useful information and give suggestions about how our analysis can be applied to your situation.


The biggest difference between Ingelix and the other solutions available is our system recognizes trends within your organization. We change as you change.  Now, when you make a decision, you can do so with confidence knowing that you have an understanding of your present organization.

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